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    I think the VFW’s and the Amvet’s are wonderful and very useful groups, and I am greatful for the amazing things they have done for Veterans and their communities. Many Veterans, for a multitude of reasons, are not always comfortable in public situations. For many years VFW’s and other organizations have provided for these Veterans a place to gather and socialize where they feel comfortable. Knowing that the Brothers we are surrounded by, are watching our back, just like we are watching theirs. With that said, Being a Combat Veteran of the next generation. Many of us have begun to think that maybe… sitting around in a bar, smoking and drinking ourselves to death might not be the future that we want to look forward to. I’m Not necessarily saying that this is a bad thing. If that’s what you want to do, then I am happy it is there for you, its just not my bag baby. Now when one of us decides that our liver might be useful if we want to hang around on this rock for a while, so we stop drinking every night/day. Or, that the air is getting hard enough to breath without loading our lungs up with tar all day, So most of us, if we haven’t won that battle yet, are at least trying to quit smoking. I mean really, is there anyone left who hasn’t lost a friend or loved one to smoking related deaths? Lets face it, trying to quit smoking and drinking while sitting around in a bar, is like trying to lose weight while hanging out with all your buddies in the buffet line. It’s probably not going to work. So, what is a Vet to do when faced with this dilemma? Well, Most of the guys that I still keep in contact with have ended up isolating themselves at home, where they have some since of security and lose themselves in one game or another. Whether they are in to Call Of Duty, or WoW. Guild Wars or Primal. Whether they play on a PlayStation or an Xbox or a full blown gaming rig, in many cases, on these games is the only place we socialize. Some times, it’s the only place we feel useful. I remember times that I raced home, running in the door, barreling over my dogs so I could log on, cause we have a Guild battle in 15 minutes and I need to talk to my team leaders so information can be disseminated and everyone knows what’s going on for tonight’s push. Now, while this beats complete isolation, as some choose when they quit going to the bar, its still no substitute for quality human interaction. So what I propose is sort of a TechVFW. A place where we can get together with people we trust and form real human bonds again. How much better will the Guild work together when you actually know your guild members. When you have actually had the chance to sit at a round table where everyone is equal and hash out our ideas that get all cluttered in our heads or stopped by ” I have this great idea but there’s this one issue I cant figure out”. Well come join us on the “Quantum Happiness” team. Bring your gaming system and all those amazing ideas and hook in to our network. Don’t have a gaming system? That’s fine, Quantum Happiness will have some systems that members can come use. The Bigger we get the Better the hardware will get. When we aren’t gaming, lets hear that idea. Lets figure out how we can all become better together. For ourselves, For our Families, For our community.

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